Tryck system in Sarajevo Waves complex

By April 13, 2021 No Comments

The Waves 5 facility is the fifth facility in a row within the Sarajevo Waves complex, it aims to offer its customers something new.

“This facility will complete the complex and respond to the daily needs of the tenants.” The construction follows all the planned deadlines so far, and the planned deadline for the completion of construction is the end of 2021. What we want to offer our customers as before are quality, comfort and safety, in addition to all the above, we try to offer modern technologies to make the lives of our customers easier.This time it is also the Tryck system of smart devices that are interconnected by a user-controlled mobile application. ”

By installing the Tryck smart system, the user is provided with the following functions: Switching lighting fixtures on and off in the building, controlling the heating system via smart thermostats, blinds and curtains, and adjusting the operation of air conditioners, televisions, digital receivers or blue ray readers.

The installation of smart fuses allows the user to turn off all consumers in the home with one click on the mobile application, which, in addition to saving energy, also gives a feeling of security during the period when the user is away from home.

At any time and from anywhere in the world, it is possible to view the status of your home and control all the important parameters in order to increase comfort levels and reduce energy consumption.