We reveal the appearance of Waves 4 buildings that will have heating and cooling on the principle of heat pump for each residential unit separately, underfloor heating and a basic package of smart systems for each owner.

The building will ultimately have 82 residential units and 10 business units, two lamellas that will be merged into one. This is an ideal opportunity for you, whether it is shopping for your own needs, investment or rent. We offer you an impressive selection of housing units with one, two or three bedrooms, and so far we will strive to meet the criteria of safety, comfort and convenience.

We place special emphasis on plenty of light and a beautiful view.

The housing units within the Waves 4 building meet environmental standards as well as modern living standards.

Smaller apartments will be the optimal choice for individuals as well as for investors seeking a secure return on investment through our Smart Investment program.

For those looking for a more comfortable living space, such as families with children, Waves 4 offers exceptional 3-bedroom residential units, oriented so that their entire area and exits to the terrace from each room have a view that rests the eyes.

Give yourself the living space you deserve and contact us on the phone number +387 60 301 11 10 or write to us at info@cic.ba