Sarajevo Waves continues the construction of another contemporary building

By December 19, 2019 No Comments

Bosnian company Compact Invest doo is about to begin construction of a new business-residential building, with about 25 apartments for sale, a swimming pool, a gym, beauty and health salons, and other wide offerings that our clients need within the framework are planned within the facility complex, but also to all citizens.

By expanding our offer, we strive to show that our clients needs and wants come first. The living quarters are adapted to different tastes. Tax is included in the price of the apartment as a gift to our buyers. The exterior of the building will not deviate from the recognizably sophisticated appearance of Sarajevo Waves. We strive to provide comfort and a modern lifestyle in accordance with our slogan “A new dimension of housing”.

As we know, 30 million Convertible Marks have been invested in the project so far and the plan is to invest another 35 million by the end of the project. Waves d.o.o, the daughter of Compact Invest, offers the option “Smart Investment”, where owners are offered to make a return on their invested capital through rent. The project is a great opportunity for diaspora clients to profit from their absence. The rental is designed according to the hotel system with reception, cleaning and maintenance service with professional equipment, and the option of booking breakfast.

Our company strives to provide the guests with everything they need to make their lifestyle easier, as we consider our customers’ satisfaction the greatest success. Within the Waves center, we strive to offer a diverse range of services, such as the cafe restaurant “Le Pont”, Amko market, the “Wonder Waves” playroom, which expands its offer to allow children to stay longer.
The program is bilingual and educational in nature, where we will use creativity and imagination to provide our children with a safe and quality stay. Learning a second language at an early age provides children with a solid foundation for greater educational success and the development of intellectual ability.

With the Olympic beauty of Igman and Bjelasnica, and the green surrounding the building, Sarajevo Waves offers a sense of relaxation and comfort for you and your family. Large areas around buildings and spaciousness allow easy entry and exit by car, as well as easy and easy parking of the car in the garage.

Sarajevo Waves, a new dimension of living, as such offers everything you need for the life of a modern man. Visit us and see the quality of our project.

The complex is located at Barska 59, Otes-Ilidža, and you can contact us on numbers below:

+ 387 60 301 1110
+387 60 301 1114
+ 387 33 761 166