Compact invest d.o.o. as an investor in the Sarajevo Waves project, in 2015 he launched the development concept of a new dimension of living and by building mixed-use residential and commercial buildings created new jobs, high-quality housing units, and thus tried to contribute to the development of business and tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Every new collaboration with our Bosnian companies brings new Sarajevo waves. On the new Waves 4 facility, the construction of which began a few weeks ago and will last 24 months, the main contractor will be the BH company Omal d.o.o. from Cazin in cooperation with the company Bosman d.o.o.

It is our wish that all of us together, successfully, with a lot of dedication to the project, complete another high-quality residential and commercial building of the Sarajevo Waves complex.

It’s time to decide which floor you see yourself on and secure yourself a smart apartment that meets the standards of modern housing.

The Sarajevo Waves team is at your service.